Chambray mask MASK

The outer material is a light chambray fabric, gray, and the beige two-color lining is a pleated type mask using gauze fabric.
The wash process makes the fabric less likely to shrink, making it even softer to the touch.
As it is a pleated type, it has a three-dimensional feel and is designed so that you do not feel stuffy.
With a nose piece, it fits tightly around the nose.
By tailoring it with a design similar to a non-woven mask,
It is a mask that is easy for anyone to wear without any discomfort.
One point on the face line with a leather logo

SIZE/Adult size:Length 10cm Width 18cm
Kids size:10 cm long and 15 cm wide
Quality/100% cotton
Fabric thickness/country of origin/Japan

If you are a woman or have a small face, you can use the kids size, so please check the size.

* Please note that the size may differ slightly due to production.
* Specifications of nosepiece and ear rubber are subject to change due to procurement of materials that can be arranged.
* Since this product is a cloth mask, it does not have the collection efficiency (effect of stopping particles with a filter) like a non-woven mask with a filter.
* Be sure to wash before using for the first time.
* The shape retention performance of the nosepiece may be weakened by long-term use.
* Because the nosepiece is made of polyethylene, you need to be careful about high temperatures.
* Returns cannot be accepted. Please purchase after understanding in advance.

Washing method * We recommend hand-washing.
* Please use a washing net when washing.
* Please avoid using detergent containing fluorescent whitening agent.
* Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink slightly due to washing.
* Please refrain from using chlorine bleach as it may damage the fabric.
* Please avoid tumble drying and using a home dryer.
* Avoid direct sunlight as it may cause discoloration.