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When is the delivery date?
You can find the information on the product detail page. Please check the product details page. As a general guideline, it takes about 3 weeks for Wallets→3 weeks Bags→2 weeks Other small items→5 days as soon as we have them in stock. If you want to inquire directly→Please go to Contact Page
What are the shipping costs?
Smart Letter (no tracking) 180 yen Letterpack (with tracking): 360 yen Orders from remote islands such as Hokkaido and Okinawa may incur additional shipping charges. Free shipping for purchases over 20,000 yen Shipping to the U.S. is from 3,000 yen


What is BRASSBOUND_01?
This line is produced by incorporating paper products into leather materials. Using paper bags, handbags, envelopes, and paper boxes as design sources, the line transforms familiar objects of daily life into high-quality leather. The bags with paper bag motifs are wrinkled to give them a tasteful look.
What is BRASSBOUND_02?
This line is based on bi-colors. The beige nude leather changes to an amber color as it is used, and you can enjoy the contrast between the beige and matte black.
What is BRASSBOUND_03?
Using elements of furniture as the design source, "white ash" and "black walnut," which are used for building materials, are used. Leather and wood are well harmonized in this tasteful series.