Teddy bear BLACK


Teddy bear BLACK baby ring with baby gift, birthday celebration, wedding gift,
Gifts for parents

Engraved name, date of birth, and weight on the sole of the foot

With brass baby ring
* Name stamped

Bear Material:Sheepskin Black
Hands, feet:Nume leather black

* Standing about 36 cm * Sitting about 25 cm * Width of both feet about 25 cm

If you can describe your name, date of birth, and weight in the remarks column at the time of purchase, we will enter your name.

* Names are written in Roman letters, up to 10 characters

* Because it is made to order, it will take about 2 weeks to 1 month.

Why give a teddy bear as a baby gift?
In the first place, giving a teddy bear to a baby gift is a custom that has been around for a long time in Europe and the United States, and it seems that it has become common in Japan as well.
In Europe and the United States, the teddy bear that was given to the baby became the baby's first friend, and he will continue to have it as a lifelong friend.
In addition to baby gifts, teddy bears in Europe and the United States are special and indispensable for each celebration, and they are always placed in pediatric wards.