Copper assist hook keychain


Copper assist hook keychain

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Anti-virus measures can be taken by using the doors, buttons, straps, etc. that cannot be used without direct touch.

Since the round pure copper material is bent, it is designed to be easy to apply force.

Copper is one of the softest metals, and since the tip is rounded, it hits the object gently. (Be careful of objects that are softer than copper)

Designed to be easy to hang on belt loops and pockets, with a small double ring for attaching keys.


size:Vertical 84mm
Horizontal 50mm (including leather part)
Φ6mm (brass key ring:Φ13mm)
price:2800 + tax

* Copper is soft and easily damaged and discolors, so please consider it to change over time.

* Because it is made by hand, the colors and shapes are different one by one. There may be unevenness, scratches, and dirt because the bullion is not plated, but please note that it is a feature of the product.

* Colors may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your viewing environment. Please note.